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Peavey Kosmos V2-Spectrum Enhancement System

Peavey Kosmos V2-Spectrum Enhancement System

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The Kosmos® v2 is a second generation subharmonic and stereo image enhancement system. As the successor to the award winning Kosmos®, it incorporates improved circuitry and adds features to provide even more functionality for live sound and
recording applications. Like the original Kosmos®, it can provide planet rattling bass as its subharmonic processor watches the source material, analyzes the bass, then generates additional phase-synced low frequencies an octave below it. Borrowing from the Kosmos® Pro, the damping (tracking) has two preset ranges. When using the Kosmos® v2, it is recommended that other equalization (especially output equalization) be set flat. Adjust the Kosmos® v2 to optimize the tone quality, then make any fine adjustments with the other gear. You may find that little needs to be tweaked, since the Kosmos® v2 corrects deficiencies in the speaker system. Bass boost applied before the Kosmos® v2 may defeat what you are trying to accomplish by causing the sound to be muddy or distorted.

• Creates intelligent, phase-synced subharmonics that don’t overpower existing material
• Dynamic source tracking yields tight, clean bass sounds
• Subharmonic activity indicator shows processing status
• A specially tuned low frequency circuit, compliments the subharmonics and can be used to fatten the low end
• High frequency image enhancement provides atmosphere through improved stereo separation and clarity
• A rear panel stereo/mono switch allows use as a channel insert or in a monophonic system
• Internal 90 Hz crossover signal can be removed from the subwoofer output when used as a side-chain effect
• Master output level controls left, right, and subwoofer output levels simultaneously
• All inputs & outputs are balanced XLR or 1/4" TRS jacks
• Signal and Peak lamps monitor signal activity and warn of overload
• Independent subwoofer output level control 

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